Garden Rail

Issue 342 - February 2023

Welcome to the February issue of Garden Rail. Included in this issue: • The Newton and Southlands Tramway • Building a Wild West Loco • Building a Penryhn Coal Wagon • The Inglenook Railway…

On Sale: 12 January 2023

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 341 - January 2023

We've gone for a smaller scale than normal for our lead layout but it's a treat to visit modelling master Alan Brackenborough's O gauge line...

On Sale: 15 December 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 340 - December 2022

It's all action in our big layout feature this month. Playmobil trains mix it up with slot cars in a display that has been delighting kids of all ages at exhibitions for years. And since, it's…

On Sale: 10 November 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 339 - November 2022

No space for a 009 layout at home? Richard Bratby's solution - move up a scale and take the layout outside. A small, paved, city yard might not be the obvious location, but he's built a line with a…

On Sale: 13 October 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 338 - October 2022

As the Gauge 1 Model Railway Association celebrates its 75th birthday, we visit the president's own line, with a show of many of the locos he has designed.

On Sale: 15 September 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 337 - September 2022

Inspired by Switzerland's RhB railway, Pavel Ponížil has created a stunning model behind his home in the Czech Republic. Everything is built the hard way, one stone block at a time, and the resulting…

On Sale: 11 August 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 336 - August 2022

How long does it take to build a garden railway? Days? Weeks? Years?

On Sale: 14 July 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 335 - July 2022

As we spend more time in this hobby, our interests can change, and so it was that Richard Barwick transformed his line from its typical LGB-based German theme, to something that reminded him of happy…

On Sale: 16 June 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 334 - June 2022

Is this real, or is this a model? That's the question you'll be asking when looking at the amazing Dyfrdwy Tramway built by James Hilton. The superb modelmaking is accompanied by an imaginative…

On Sale: 12 May 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 333 - May 2022

We're heading stateside this month with The Durango and Colorado Southern Narrow Gauge Railroad. A visit to the USA 30 years ago inspired Richard Cable to build his line, bringing a slice of the US to…

On Sale: 14 April 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

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