Garden Rail

Issue 322 - June 2021

It's showtime! We look forward to the National Garden Railway Show, in Peterborough. One of the highlights of the display is a giant, modular layout built by members of the 16mm Association. We take a…

On Sale: 13 May 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 321 - May 2021

Old steam locomotives never die - on the Vale of Evermore light railway, they go on and on while pulling scale length trains.

On Sale: 15 April 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Garden Rail Magazine

April sees us putting the fun into garden railways. Mark and Donna Mitchell built the Glebe Valley Railway in just two years, and the line has taken on a life of its own with a daily story appearing…

On Sale: 11 March 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 319 - March 2021

Transport yourself back to the Exhill Light Railway's last days. John Besley takes us on a tour of his fictitious West Country line where we can enjoy the extreme levels of detail he incorporated into…

On Sale: 11 February 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 318 - February 2021

When your boss invites you over for Sunday lunch, you don't expect to go away with inspiration to build a railway in your garden. But that's exactly what happened to Robert Fickin. Since then, the…

On Sale: 14 January 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 317 - January 2021

We start 2021 with one of the most realistic large scale railways we've been privileged to showcase - The Isle of Westland Railway, built by Andy Coward.

On Sale: 17 December 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 316 - December 2020

With winter drawing in, you might not feel like working in the garden, but that doesn't mean your trains need to be idle. Andrew Neal built Aberwyn in only 10ft by 3ft 6 – and he can still run live…

On Sale: 12 November 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 315 - November 2020

Looking at a new house, what's uppermost in your mind? Space for a garden railway of course. Jon Potter took all his experience and applied it to a new-build, creating his dream line.

On Sale: 15 October 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 314 - October 2020

What do you do when you can't enjoy a special steam event? If you are Andy Taylor, you run it on your own railway then share the fun on social media.

On Sale: 17 September 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Issue 313 - September 2020

We revisit Peckforton Light Railway & check out Bowande's Talyllyn and Hornby's Harry Potter set. You can also expect to see us build Lasercraft's latest engine shed and we create a child-proof level…

On Sale: 13 August 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

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