Phil's Practical - Garden shed to beach hut

20 May 2020
Summer is on the way. Relive those lazy days on the beach in miniature by turning a shed into a colourful hut.

Straight from the box, this is the R8576 Hornby Skaledale garden shed. Any model shed would do - there are plenty of companies making them - the technique is the same for all of them.

Blu-tack the hut to a stick that can act as a handle. To cover the shed with brown paint and provide a good base for the next steps, spray with white car aerosol primer. A couple of coats is required if you are working on a ready painted model, but perfect coverage isn't essential.

Brush paint with Humbrol 147 Light Grey enamel, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. 147 is better than pure white as it's a lot less stark and looks more natural.

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Pick out every other plank in a bright colour. Leave the model to dry thoroughly.

Paint everything with a weak mix of Humbrol 64 Light grey. This should settle in the “wood” surface and the gaps between planks, toning down the brighter colours and adding a little weathering to the white. Finish the roof in a dark grey and plant in the sand.

Now you've created a beach hut, why not try to model some water - our guide here shows you how. 

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