VIDEO: Brush painting skills for railway modellers

14 August 2019
2-WEB-61293.jpg Brush painting skills for railway modellers
Brush up on your wood effect painting methods with Howard Smith.

Are you looking to brush-paint your first model? Painting a model can be a satisfying process, though for best results it pays to understand a few principles. Howard Smith's guide below provides a brief introduction to the principles of brush painting your first model. The techniques shown are applicable to models of all material construction, though the etch primer used is particularly important if painting a model of brass construction.

Here are some important factors to consider when brush-painting a model:

  • The cleanliness of your work area and model - are both dust-free?
  • The preparation of your model - apply a primer specific to the type of material used.
  • The choice of paint - choose a paint base type compatible with the primer.
  • The quality of your brushes - are these likely to leave brush lines?
  • The mixing of your paint - is it to the correct viscosity? Thin accordingly if necessary. Be wary of debris from the lid falling into the pot if using older paints.

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