Revolution Trains TUA (OO)

17 August 2023
Released to traffic for 'OO' modellers, do these new wagons meet expectations? Andy York finds out...

These new models of the 51T TUA wagons constructed by Standard Wagon, will interest any modeller portraying the late-1970s scene onwards. Revolution Trains', model produced exclusively for Rainbow Railways of Linlithgow, is an accurate creation of these distinctive wagons, here's why:

Revolution Trains TUA Rainbow Railways tank wagon

ICI’s original dark transport blue with eight different numbers preceding the neutral grey of the later TIGER livery. In later life, 12 of the wagons were dedicated to English China Clay's operations from Burngullow in its vibrant blue livery which worked between Cornwall and Aberdeen.

Revolution Trains TUA Rainbow Railways tank wagon

The review model pictured shows signs of a TLG sticker beneath the TRL branding; if that’s intentional it’s well executed.

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The models run well with 52g of mass on pinpoint axles. Wheelsets can be swapped out for EM/P4 variants for finescale modellers.

Revolution Trains TUA Rainbow Railways tank wagon

Read what else Andy York has to say about these new models in the September issue of BRM, out now.

Plus, read the prototype history of these wagons in the October 2023 issue of BRM, on-sale September 7.

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