Accurascale Class 37/6 (OO)

28 September 2023
An all-new English Electric 'tractor' arrives for review from the manufacturer for 'OO', we take a closer look...

It's an impressive machine, that we already know, but how does Accurascale's latest variant – the Class 37/6 fair? We kindly received a sample for review – here's what we think:


Accurascale 37/6

The nose of these locomotives is much smoother, with plated over nose ends, and the addition of 'Wipac' light clusters, enabling drivers to see, and the train to be seen better. Easy-to-fit buffer beam detailing includes screw-link couplings. And, you'll be pleased to hear, the nose-mounted aerials are robust, too!


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Accurascale 37/6

Accurascale's model has an excellent portrayal of blue to green graduated DRS logos. It's an obvious and rather large element of the livery, and surprisingly, though it modernised the appearance of the ageing machines, now looks a little dated – such is the design of liveries.


Accurascale 37/6

Atop, as below, we find many seperetely-fitted components. The angled cab nose is something we apreciated on its previous 37/0 and 37/4 sub-classes, while this 37/6 sub-class has cast bogies, as was sometimes the case, fitted from withdrawn Class 55 and 50 locomotives. The 'heft' is captured well!


Accurascale 37/6

Beneath the magnetically-attached roof panel for easy access, there's a circuit board for a 21-pin decoder. To the underside, DIP switches for DC light configuration are discreetly located. We'd still recommend DCC however, to hear the branded 'Accurathrash' sound system!

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