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03 September 2021
Pete Waterman exclusively reveals the news plans for his massive West Coast Mainline layout.

Friday 3rd September sees the last chance to visit Pete Waterman's breathtaking model of the West Coast Mainline - all 74 feet of it - in Chester Cathedral.

BRM brought you details of this amazing model in our August 2021 issue, showing the project in the final stages of construction. This week we visited the model in situ and chatted to Pete about its future.

A few months ago, the intention was for it to spend the weekend at an exhibition in Milton Keynes before finding a final home at Hornby's Margate headquarters. However, plans have changed.

"We're going to keep it", Pete explained, "We're going to store it. And then I'm going to build another (scale) mile."

Pointing at the existing scenic section, he continued, "I'm going to replace that whole front, keep the back, all new trains, brand new front."

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Pete's aim, in 2023, is to replace the Cefn viaduct and bring both the old and new layouts together to make 175ft of West Coast mainline.

West Coast Mainline in Chester Cathedral.

The only question left was where the model could be displayed, and on this, Pete wouldn't be drawn, but it's obvious he has an idea. As soon as we know, we'll bring you the details on World of Railways - it's certainly going to be well worth seeing!


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You want a nice friendy face not one that is "I,ll be glad when this is over" !!!!!!!

Posted by David Cooke on Fri 03 Sep 19:08:11