August 2021

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This issue features a tour of one of the largest model railway exhibits we've seen in a long time – Pete Waterman's West Coast Main Line layout in OO. Joining it this issue is 'Middleton Dale', also in OO, with its awe-inspiring scenic landscape of Derbyshire, and a talented creation with space-defying results in the shape of 'Loctern Quay' (OO9).

On Sale: 15/07/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Our varied practical advice this issue shares ideas to create better model fencing, build a camping coach, airbrush a turntable, create a hamlet scene and construct a 'K2' 2-6-0.
Under scrutiny in our review section is Bachmann's Class 24/0 for 'OO' and steel-bodied coach for 'OO9', Locomotion Models' 'D' Class for 'OO', Kato's Class 800 for 'N', TMC's 24.5T exclusive mineral wagon and Hammant and Morgan's HM6000 app-powered model railway control system.
All this, plus news, the latest new products and much more!

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