Video: Unboxing Hornby's 'generic' pre-grouping coach

05 January 2021
Phil Parker examines one of Hornby's newly-announced generic pre-grouping coaches for a first look.

One of the biggest surprises in the Hornby 2021 announcements is a range of four and six-wheel pre-grouping coaches. Even more amazing – the models are ready for the shops and we've seen one for review.

Phil Parker takes a first look at the model and demonstrates some of its interesting features:

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Although this isn't a model of a specific coach, it appears authentic and in-keeping with the style of rolling stock from the era. With a choice of liveries, and available in four- and six-wheel guises, there's a model to suit many pre-grouping era layouts. 

Take a look at the locomotive highlights from the Hornby 2021 range announcements here.

What do you think of the new announcements? Head over to our forum, to join in the conversation, plus discover behind-the-scenes audio from the Hornby 2021 range presentation day.


That sounds like a good idea. Although the battery should last 200 hours - you'll go through that pretty quickly if you forget to switch them off after a running session.

Posted by Phil Parker on Thu 07 Jan 11:38:46

Looks interesting. My mind has been working overtime re the lighting. With a train of say 6 coaches, it could be a bit heavy on batteries, and time taken to change them. On a layout with fiddle yard(s) one of the magnets could be mounted at a strategic height off scene to switch on the lights as the coach passes under on to the layout, and off when they leave. A refinement could be the ability to raise the magnets for daytime running and lower for night-time.

Posted by Jonathan Austin on Tue 05 Jan 10:35:45