Layouts announced for #BigWORshow virtual exhibition

01 October 2020
Re-booted with all-new stars on the back of the widely-acclaimed first virtual exhibition, here are the confirmed layouts attending our second #BigWORshow on November 7 and 8., the UK's fastest-growing premiere website dedicated to the latest model railway news, how-to articles and reviews of model railway products has unveiled a number of layouts to be presented on Saturday, November 7 and Sunday, November 8, 2020 at the second virtual model railway exhibition. The sequel event to the popular first virtual show #BigWORshow is expected to deliver an abundance of quality model railway content and tutorials to railway modellers around the world.  

Blueball Summit #BigWORshow

Blueball Summit (N) with its impressive viaduct is set to impress during the #BigWORshow.

New exhibits on display

Re-booted with all-new stars on the back of the widely-acclaimed first exhibition, the second #BigWORshow will feature a compelling selection number election of favourite layouts, created by talented modellers. The exhibits will feature N, OO, EM, P4, OO9, O, 1 and G scales, with something for all tastes – don’t miss them! At present, our selection of layouts includes:

  • Blueball Summit - N - 1970s - BR(W)
  • Neely - N - 2000s - E Anglia
  • Bawdsey - EM - 1950s - BR(E)
  • Bodmin - P4 - 1930s - GWR
  • Buntingford - OO - 1960s - BR(E)
  • Deadman's Lane - OO - 2000s
  • Dent - OO - 1960s - BR(M)
  • Ealing Road - OO - 1950s - BR(S)
  • Horfield - OO - 1950s - BR(S)
  • Ladmanlow Sidings - OO - 1950s - BR(M)
  • Little Bytham - OO - 1950s - BR(E)
  • Lomond Street - OO - 1980s - BR(S)
  • Sandy Shores - 009 - Industrial
  • Scorbiton - OO - 1980s - BR(M)
  • Treneglos - OO - 1950s - BR(S)
  • Kimble - O - 1950s - BR(M)
  • Beckonscot - G1
  • Kittatinny Mountain Railroad - G scale
  • Tackeroo (EM) - MoD
  • Overlord (OO) BR(S)

*Confirmed layouts (list likely to grow)


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Ealing Road #BigWORshow

'Ealing Road', constructed for Channel 5's Great Model Railway Challenge will feature at the #BigWORshow.


Stay tuned on the event via our show page, as we reveal more exciting developments over the coming weeks.

We welcome everyone to our official opening on Saturday, November 7 at 09:30 GMT for two days only of fantastic model railway entertainment and exciting challenges. Don't miss it – we'll see you there, virtually, of course!



Great I looking forward to the show the first one was me really interesting Mike

Posted by Michael Denniss on Sat 03 Oct 08:17:44