Decorated samples of Kerr Stuart 0-6-0T 'Victory' emerge

28 July 2021
Planet Industrials' first OO gauge RTR locomotive reaches its final checkpoint ahead of production, as its team make final adjustments.

Planet Industrials has received decorated samples of its Kerr, Stuart 'Victory' 0-6-0T locomotives for OO gauge. The manufacturer has said that its first RTR locomotives are being assessed and that it hopes to approve them for production soon, with expected delivery to customers before the end of 2021.

Four liveries are being produced:

Planet Industrials locomotive

(PI-001-A) Plain black

Planet Industrials locomotive

(PI-001-B) Lined grey, IW&D 12

Planet Industrials locomotive

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(PI-001-C) Lined green

Planet Industrials locomotive

(PI-001-D) Lined maroon

Planet Industrials has clarified that the grey livery sample was incorrectly specified with a metallic finish, and this is being amended before production.

The full specification of models is as follows:

  • Die-cast and injection-moulded body
  • Over 200 individual components
  • Die-cast metal chassis
  • Finescale RP25-110 wheels
  • Six-wheel electrical pickup
  • High-torque flywheel-equipped motor, driving the rear axle
  • 40:1 gearbox for slow, smooth running
  • DC/DCC ready (Next18 socket), DCC fitted and DCC sound-fitted
  • Full cab detail
  • Sprung buffers
  • NEM coupler pockets
  • Optional details including front steps and toolboxes
  • Fret of etched works, name and number plates for optional fitting

Read more about this model here. For current pricing and availability, visit the Planet Industrials website.



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