Bassett-Lowke Brickpunk range

04 November 2021
Phil Parker looks at this new range of quick-to-assemble models, released under Hornby Hobbies' Bassett-Lowke brand.

We gave Phil Parker a Bassett-Lowke Vortex Tractional Tank kit from its new Brickpunk range to build. Discover how he found the build in the video below...

Designed in conjunction with Bassett-Lowke's SteamPunk Model range, introduced in 2020, Hornby's Bassett-Lowke brand introduced a new construction brick range for 2021, known as BrickPunk.

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BrickPunk offers a range of colourful models, with character variation in each design. Designed for model makers of all ages, a compact launch range has been introduced, all following the SteamPunk theme for which the brand name has been repurposed.

Interested in Steampunk models? Read our review of the Bassett-Lowke Steampunk range here.


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