Engineering in Miniature

April 2021

In the April issue of Engineering in Miniature we technical editor Harry Billmore show you how too machine very won 6-inch scale cylinders.

On Sale: 18 March 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of EiM. Here's what to expect in another packed magazine: 16-year-old Sam Ridley begins reviving a Winson kit bought used – was it a real bargain?

On Sale: 18 February 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

February 2021

Matthew Kenington begins a new series for beginners, building a first engine – he made it at just 12 years old and his Dad, Peter Kenington, shows that choosing, using and charging batteries on locos…

On Sale: 21 January 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

January 2021

In the new issue of EiM find out how Jan-Eric Nystrom sorts the water injection of his 7.25-inch gauge 10-wheeler and Peter Kenington diagnoses battery-electric motor issues.

On Sale: 17 December 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

November 2020

There's a lot of modelling and no small amount of innovation in the November Engineering in Miniature...

On Sale: 15 October 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

October 2020

This month in Engineering in Miniature there's a hot-air theme – new contributor Alan Pickering describes his passion for Stirling engines and build an example, while 16-year-old Daniel Bell describes…

On Sale: 17 September 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

September 2020

This month in Engineering in Miniature new writer Stewart Hart begins the build of something small but delightful, a micro stationary engine.

On Sale: 13 August 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

August 2020

Jan-Eric Nystrom is busy this month. Firstly he reveals some of the technical issues he has overcome over 20 years in the hobby. He also makes the unusual propane burners for his 7.25-inch gauge…

On Sale: 16 July 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

July 2020

There's plenty of building going on in this month's edition of Engineering in Miniature, across a wide variety of subjects. Find out more in the issue description.

On Sale: 18 June 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Engineering in Miniature

The latest edition of Engineering in Miniature features lots of lockdown reading and inspiration for your model engineering.

On Sale: 14 May 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

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