Engineering in Miniature

February 2022

In the February edition of Engineering in Miniature technical editor Harry Billmore describes the epic efforts needed to return a long out-of-use but much-needed 6-inch scale diesel loco to work.

On Sale: 20 January 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

January 2022

In the January issue of Engineering in Miniature: Andrew Brock describes his first project, started 27 years ago, steamed 15 years ago and completed in the last month...

On Sale: 16 December 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

December 2021

In this month's Engineering in Miniature; Peter and Matthew Kenington begin 'de-snagging' a loco bought secondhand

On Sale: 18 November 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

November 2021

In the November edition of Engineering in Miniature we join late-season events featuring miniature steam at Echills Wood and Bressingham...

On Sale: 21 October 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

October 2021

In this month's Engineering in Miniature; We visit the Wythall Miniature Railway, plugging the model engineering generation gap, and meet an enthusiastic veteran.

On Sale: 16 September 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

September 2021

This month's edition of Engineering in Miniature has an out-and about feel to it as we celebrate the return of the rally with reports from Hereford and Echills Wood.

On Sale: 19 August 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

August 2021

Ian Boulter describes his lockdown project, turning an abandoned project into a fine locomotive, Peter and Matthew Kenington conclude their experiments holding awkward shapes in the lathe

On Sale: 15 July 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

July 2021

Sam Ridley's rebuild of a defunct loco kit reaches the exciting point of that first run on rails.

On Sale: 17 June 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

June 2021

In the June issue of Engineering in Miniature - Howard and Isaac Trendell start their revival of a 2-inch scale Ransomes engine - and get a surprise Geoff Walker completes his attractive Muncaster…

On Sale: 20 May 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

May 2021

In the May issue of Engineering in Miniature Geoff Walker starts building an attractive Muncaster Entablature engine.

On Sale: 15 April 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

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