Engineering in Miniature

December 2022

We welcome back the EIM-sponsored Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition with the first of our full reports on the particularly high-quality models displayed this year. Plus loads more great content...

On Sale: 17 November 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

November 2022

We are out visiting, including the Shropshire steam Rally where the miniature engines provided their own appeal. Peter and Matthew Kenington start describing their ride-on tender design that can be…

On Sale: 20 October 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

October 2022

Bruce Boldner builds the boiler, with some mods, for his 5-inch gauge Stirling Single, Peter Malim passes a milestone with his 6-inch Foden kit project, getting it onto its wheels, Anthony White's…

On Sale: 15 September 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

September 2022

The September issue of Engineering in Miniature has a summer events feel about it;

On Sale: 18 August 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

August 2022

In the August edition of Engineering in Miniature Rich Wightman demonstrates innovation and sustainability by building a beam engine from scrap parts of a car engine

On Sale: 21 July 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

July 2022

In the July edition of Engineering in Miniature Australian enthusiast Bruce Boldner follows his recent Midland Spinner build by starting work on another 'single', a GNR Stirling locomotive.

On Sale: 16 June 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

June 2022

In the June edition of Engineering in Miniature we answer the questions of those without the skill or time to build from scratch with a new occasional series on building a 6-inch Forden lorry kit.

On Sale: 19 May 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

May 2022

In this month's EIM we feature Simon Collier's superb 5-inch gauge B1 loco, which when he started Simon didn't know how steam locos worked or what a lathe was for!

On Sale: 21 April 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

April 2022

In the April edition of Engineering in Miniature we cover the full spectrum of model engineering;

On Sale: 17 March 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

March 2022

The March edition of Engineering in Miniature ranges across the techniques and scales of the model engineering spectrum.

On Sale: 17 February 2022

Digital Edition: £3.99

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