October 2017

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Little Muddle (OO), Neely (N), Power for Life (OO) & Brixham Bay (N) + 5 easy-to-follow practical articles and the very latest news and reviews! Oh...and a FREE DVD!

On Sale: 14/09/2017

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What's in this Issue?

On this month's DVD

Peterborough Show Special: See our favourite layouts to appear at this year's show!


4 Great Model Railways

1. Neely (N) - It's Ely in Cambridgeshire, but not quite as you might know it. Hence the name...

2. Little Muddle (OO) - A casual comment from the modeller's wife inspired the curious title of this picturesque layout.

3. Power for Life (OO) - Life lessons and corporate communications combine in this compact scene.

4. Brixham Bay (N) - A crashed German aircraft provides a clue to the precise date of this coastal wartime scene.


Expert Modelling Advice

Make a playground

Build a line-side industry

Convert a cricket pavilion

Get started in 2mm finescale

Fit a parcel Van chassis


News & Reviews

The latest news and new model launches

Exciting news from Hatton's of Liverpool

Reviewed: Kernow 4-TC

Reviewed: Bachmann Birdcage

Reviewed: Oxford Rail's Dean Goods


Getting into N Gauge

Peterborough Show preview

Union Mills interview

Tail Lamp

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