May 2018

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FREE DVD included + Burnden Park (OO), more Cakebox dioramas & Dapol's Class 68 reviewed

On Sale: 26/04/2018

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What's in this Issue?

What's on this month's episode of BRM TV?
-    'Stylson Yard' - British Rail 1990s sectorisation era
-    A tour of the LMS 'Patriot' Project Boiler Shop
-    Tour of Historical Model Railway Society's archives

Inside this month's magazine
-    Burnden Park (OO)
-    Devonport Road (OO)
-    Rise Park (N)
-    Fullers Wharf (O)

-    Plant a Potato Field
-    Create a coal office + free plan inside
-    Cakebox Challenge dioramas
-    Make a derelict signal box
-    How to finish 3D printed models
-    Make a Decoder Tester

-    Product news & reviews
-    Reviewed: Dapol Class 68
-    Reviewed: Murphy Models Road Vehicles

-    N gauge stock spotlight
-    Interview: Metcalfe Models
-    Night time freight movements
-    Prototype Inspiration: Class 68
-    Tail Lamp - Lock's Sidings update


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