February 2018

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New format DVD - Pendon Museum Road Trip! BRM includes The Clydach Railway, Redford Junction, Brinklow & Bostcroft

On Sale: 04/01/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Andy York & Phil  Parker take a road trip to Pendon Museum and get a behind-the-scenes tour of Britain's best model railway!

Inside this month's magazine:

The Clydach Railway (OO9) - With its sunny climate and coastal setting, Richard Holder's layout is surely a cheering scene for a chilly winter's day.
Redford Junction (3mm) - Large layouts often have quite modest beginnings, but Paul Hopkins' imagined scene started out as just a single board.
Brinklow (N) - Milton Keynes MRS' adaptable layout allows for multiple controls, a variety of stock and even running of continental trains.
Bostcroft (OO) - From a back bedroom to the exhibition circuit. Stephen Mullen describes his depiction of an Eastern Region terminus as a 'safe option'. We think he's being modest...

Make better trees - Modeller Kevin Phare describes the simple steps required to create authentic-looking trees from sage brush and sea moss products.
Cakebox Challenge - Another brace of cakeboxes for your delight.
Make a grounded van store - Kevin Phare shows how a broken old wagon can add interest and authenticity to a quiet corner of your layout.
Cakebox Challenge - Howard Smith's step-by-step guide to creating his own cakebox.
Didsbury Green (Part 2) - Phil finishes the wiring, builds an unusual control panel and makes a start on the scenery.
Download, print and build - Michael Russell offers a step-by-step card kit build.

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New Gear
Reviewed: Bachmann SE&CR 'Birdcage' coaching stock
Reviewed: Irish Railway Models Cement Bubble Wagon
Reviewed: Bachmann D Class Open Boggie Wagons

Inbox - readers' letters
BRM meets...The Little Layout Company
Prototype Inspiration - London's Underground network
Phil Parker's modelling month
Tail Lamp by Michael Russell

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