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North Wales Coast Loco Hauled, The Wednesbury and the Dudley line in the 1970s: Part 1, The Liverpool Overhead Railway, Class 08s at Large plus loads more

On Sale: 01/02/2019

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What's in this Issue?

Boulby Potash Traffic: Part 1. May 1981 to December 1989
Working at Euston Power Signal Box in the 1970s
North Wales Coast Loco Hauled
Traction Modelling: Dovington Camp
Traction Modelling: An approach to coach lighting
Traction Modelling: Heljan Class 25 and Dapol HAA wagon
Traction Modelling: News
The Wednesbury and the Dudley line in the 1970s: Part 1
Wild Men and Wild Places
Taunton in Transition
Class 08s at Large
The Liverpool Overhead Railway

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