VIDEO: How to add grass to a model railway layout

grass-32398.jpg static grass

Grass 'flock' can turn a bare baseboard into a life-like layout. Watch our video on how to use this simple and inexpensive technique.

Adding grass to your train set involves a process known as ‘flocking’. Flocking requires two things - an even layer of glue and a product known as the ‘flock’. The glue to use is PVA, which should be diluted with the same amount of water.

Applying the glue can be a messy job, so it is best to work outside, or at least put newspaper down if you’re working indoors. The glue can be painted onto your baseboard, or, better still, applied with a spray bottle. The latter is a faster solution and distributes the glue more evenly, but it can be messier around the edges of buildings.

Flocks are available in many colours and grades, from fine to coarse. Finer flocks are great for a well-manicured lawn, while coarse flocks are more suited to unkempt rough areas of land or fields where weeds grow taller. Watch our video whereby we explain this technique:

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