How to add trees to a model railway

01 December 2018
trees-99333.jpg How to model trees
Trees are a vital part of a model railway. They add height and look pleasant too. Here are a few options to consider...

It’s a bare landscape without trees. Things don’t look so quaint or picture-perfect. Luckily, most model railway retailers stock a range of trees that will liven up an otherwise empty corner of your train set. Tall trees were seldom allowed to grow next to railway lines for fear of them falling and causing dangerous bloackages, although the rules are laxer nowadays. 

Which trees you add to your train set, and where is down to the setting and inspiration behind the layout. An apple orchard? A majestic oak in a field? An ornate cherry tree in a front garden? The possibilities are endless, but adding trees isn’t difficult, as we explain in three quick steps below.


Using the trees in Gaugemaster's multipack in this example (ref GM129), a good amount of UHU glue to the underside of each tree will secure it on your baseboard. For those trees that don't have a flat base, you might need to drill a small hole.
How to add trees to your model railway layout Gaugemaster


To create the ground cover for a woodland, carefully spray the area around the trees with diluted glue and water in a 50:50 ratio using a spray bottle, and scatter suitable terrain flocks.
How to add trees to your model railway layout modelling a woodland


These trees have moulded plastic bases, which is great for gluing them to your model. A little scatter over these helps disguise them, but don’t forget to glue the tree down before you apply!
How to add trees to your model railway layout using scatter and flocks

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