17 April 2020
So, lockdown continues for at least three more weeks... fancy entering our latest challenge?

Every round we're going to present you with a photograph of a scene. It might be real life, it might be a model. The challenge is to replicate it as closely as you can. Fear not, we'll drop a few hints along the way so you're not 'going in blind'. At the end of each round, we'll be awarding model railway prizes to he or she who produced what we feel is the closest effort.

This week, feast your eyes on this photograph:

Taken as late as 1993 in Shrewsbury sidings (now a housing estate) it depicts a pretty weathered 21T mineral wagon, MDV E310582.

This time, we're allowing the use of an RTR wagon and we're not looking for a diorama, simply the wagon. Do you have a 21T mineral wagon kit or RTR model in need of a less factory pristine finish? Observe the rusting and number closely - do you have a stand-out weathering technique for this? Our lucky winner will get a Dapol's new model of North British Type 2, D6129:

Dapol Class 29

Congratulations to the winners of our last round.

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The rules:

- Modelling in any standard gauge is acceptable

- You may scratch-build, use a kit, or an RTR wagon

- You may forget you're stuck at home for a while

- Submit a few photographs of your entry to us by midnight, Sunday May 10 to [email protected]

Good luck!