21 May 2020
It's weeds galore in this latest installment of our modelling challenge - but do you have what it takes to make a convincing scene?

Class 108 DMU Manchester Picadilly 1992

53958 + 54239 of set LO297 depart Manchester Victoria on August 13, 1992. 54239 would be withdrawn on October 5, that year, with 53958 becoming ADB977809 and used in set LO906 on sandite and route learning until October, 1995.

We're going to take you a little off-piste this round. The above photograph shows a delightful collection of British Rail weeds growing around the bay platform tracks at Manchester Victoria in 1992. Don't worry, we're not interested in a model of Manchester Victoria, and the site has changed a great deal since, but we'd like to see if you can model weeds around track. You might want to see the image closer...

Manchester Picadilly weeds

A variety of different grasses to flowering weeds, some almost as high as the platform – we're guessing the station hadn't seen any weed-killer for a few months.

So, do you have what it takes to create a variety of weeds like this? Perhaps you've already made some for your layout? If so, we'd like to see them lineside on your layout on a branchline, or siding perhaps, like the above, but make sure they don't get stuck in the gears of your locomotives! The creator who we feel made the best effort wins a Graham Farish Class 108 (371-505) in Network South East livery.

Farish Class 108

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The rules:

- Modelling in any standard gauge is acceptable

- You may scratch-build, use kits, or ready-to-plant products

- You may forget you're stuck at home for a while

- Submit a few photographs of your entry to us by midnight, Sunday May 24 to [email protected]

Good luck!