30 July 2020
Urban decay creeps into the subject matter for the final round of our See it/Make it Challenge, with a Hornby Class 66 in DB Schenker livery up for grabs.

The final round of our See it/Make it challenge is set to test your abilities of weathering and adding patina to your model buildings. Inspired by the below photograph taken in Truro, we'd like you to match (as closely as possible) the empty shop in model form.

truro shop

Faded and peeling paintwork, damp stonework and a delightful array of detail will present challenges for modellers. But are you able to replicate these effects?

You might feel you can adapt a ready-to-plant shop, painting and weathering it accordingly, or perhaps you'll build something from a kit, adapting it to suit? You might even feel brave enough to attempt a scratch-build...

Here's something to grab your attention, too – the winner of this challenge will receive a Hornby Class 66 (R3778) in DB Schenker livery, worth £74.99!

See it make it challenge round six DB Class 66

The rules:

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- Modelling in any scale is welcomed

- The building can be used as inspiration, though more authentic models will be viewed with higher regard.

- Submit a few photographs and a description of your entry to us by midnight, Sunday August 30 to [email protected]

Best of luck and we hope you enjoy the challenge!

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