04 June 2020
Test your brick stair-making abilities in the fourth round of our See it/Make it challenge. With a Bachmann Class E4 0-6-2T up for grabs, it could be a stairway to heaven?

Round Four of the See it/Make it Challenge sees us examine brick stairways. This weathered brick-built stairway at Trelissick Garden, near Truro would make for a great layout addition, don't you think? Being brick-built and heavily-weathered, it's sure to test your modelling abilities! Picture it leading to a barn door, or a raised row of houses, a factory, or as lineside embankment steps, maybe? Even if you don't have a layout, surely it's an ideal candidate for a miniature cameo to display model figures, perhaps?

See it make it challenge brm stairs

"I've never trusted stairs, they're always up to something..." Pun aside, note the brick discolouration – something to consider on your model, perhaps?

Model steps aren't always the easiest to recreate to scale accurately, hence why they make for an interesting challenge. Think about the size of steps in relation to figures and the many different styles of steps too. Risers (the height of each step) and the tread (width of each step) vary wildly depending on application!

One lucky entrant will be sent this Bachmann Class E4 (35-075) No. 579 in LB&SCR umber, worth £109.95.

See it make it challenge round four

The rules:

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- Modelling in any scale is welcomed

- Steps must contain an element of brickwork.

- Scratch-building or using kits (and other cunning products if you have them) is permitted. We welcome innovation!

- Submit a few photographs and a description of your entry to us by midnight, Sunday June 21 to [email protected]

Best of luck and we hope you enjoy the challenge!