Model railway track plan ideas

2B-Enhanced-Oval-Layout_1-71722.jpg Even simple oval track plans can be interesting and attractive

Simple model railway track plans can still offer plenty of interest, modelling opportunities and operating potential. Here are a few suggestions...

When building your first model railway layout, it's useful to start with a relatively straightforward track plan. Obviously, once you have mastered the basics you can move on to more complicated projects. These simple track plan suggestions will get you started, however.







1a - Basic

How to build a model railway basic track plan

This is a standard train set oval. It is not visually exciting, but at least it has a station and your trains are always in view.


1b - Better

How to build a model railway enhanced oval track plan

This employs the same basic oval track plan, but visual interest is improved thanks to part of the route being hidden in a tunnel. The road bridge also provides an attractive scenic break.


2a - Horseshoe 

How to build a model railway horseshoe track plan

A classic layout design. Two stations add variety and your trains are always in view. It still lacks visual interest, however.


2b - Better

How to build a model railway enhanced horseshoe track plan

As before, sections of the track are hidden in tunnels. Bridges over a river add even more interest, and bring a bit of life to the layout.


3 - Best

How to build a model railway looped horsehoe track plan

Adjusting the track plan to make a looped horsehoe offers much more interest and operating potential, with changing track levels, tunnels, gradients, scenery and longer runs between stations. Now you are starting to create something much more exciting!


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