Nov/Dec '19 - Issue 144

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Consider the lines not visited for ages, Preservation in Iceland, Galas at Kirklees and Perrygrove, Recalling the Reseau Breton, NG Modelling plus more...

On Sale: 25/10/2019

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What's in this Issue?

First Lines - Consider the lines not visited for ages
Headline News - Romanian issues and Baldwin debut
UK News - 50 years up for Sittingbourne
World News - Passenger falls from Darj train
World News Special - Preservation in Iceland
Big Events - Galas at Kirklees and Perrygrove
News Focus - Not well-known Slovakian line
Today's Narrow Gauge - Oil-palm trains in Malaysia
News Gallery - Anniversaries and new charters
The Narrower Gauges - On the 15-inch in Mid-Wales
Lost Lines - Recalling the Reseau Breton
Narrow Gauge Oddity - Disused incline? Not a bit of it...
NG Modelling - Live-steam 16mm, indoors...
On the Model Shelf - OO9 Baldwin, 16mm Ziller
On the shelf - Christmas cards, calendars & gifts
Viewpoint - Thought-provoking stuff from readers
Narrow Gauge Extra - Recalling past times and oddities
Encounters - Remarkable monorail collection

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