Issue 310 - June 2020

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Much like the plants that surround it, a garden railway grows and develops over time. The Bryandale Railway is now 15 years old and makes a return to Garden Rail as builder Ian Stock takes us through the changes to both the layout and his approach to the hobby.

On Sale: 14/05/2020

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What's in this Issue?

GARDEN RAIL  |  JUN 2020  

If you don't have space for modelling outdoors, modular layouts let you build and then run trains as part of a larger group. Alan Macfarlane explains the concept for 16mm scale enthusiasts, but if even that looks like too much work, how about pizza layout building in Gn15?

Every line needs rolling stock and we cover making a unique locomotive based on a Roundhouse Fowler live steam model, a very unusual Colonel Stephens style rail lorry and a look at the options for modelling the ubiquitous skip wagon.

Mark Thatcher builds a chapel using a Modeltown kit, but modifies it along the way.

If you'd like advice on showing off your work, Dave Skerchley uses his recent experience with the virtual 16mm Association show to demonstrate how you can bring your model to the screen with limited equipment but maximum results.

As always, there is the latest product news, plus reviews of the Accucraft Isle of Man van and Pline Fowler diesel.

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