Jan/Feb 22

In this issue we look in some detail at four very varied freight operations in different parts of Britain.

On Sale: 26 November 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Nov/Dec 21

This issue has detailed look at Irish Rail in the 1990s when the railways of the Republic of Ireland were a Mecca for enthusiasts wanting to experience locomotive haulage.

On Sale: 01 October 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Sep/Oct 21

In this issue of TRACTION we look at the neighbouring stations of Manchester Victoria and Manchester Exchange in the 1970s and 1980s with the varied traffic of those days.

On Sale: 30 July 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Jul/Aug 21

We start with the first of a series of articles about the liveries applied to locomotives at Eastfield depot in Glasgow. Next we look at coal traffic to Ironbridge power station in the period from the…

On Sale: 28 May 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

May/Jun 21

In this issue of Traction we look at a type of traffic on Britain’s railways that has almost disappeared, coal to power stations. We focus on coal trains to Ironbridge power station in Shropshire, in…

On Sale: 01 April 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Mar/Apr 21

We start with the operation of the tanker trains for the British Oxygen Company in the 1990s as well as details of some of the wagons used on these trains.

On Sale: 29 January 2021

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Jan/Feb 2021

In this special issue we celebrate the Rail Blue years of British Rail. We start with the short period when pairs of Class 50s were introduced to speed up the principal services north of Crewe on the…

On Sale: 27 November 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Nov/Dec 2020

We look at Barnetby in 1989 and 1990 against the backdrop of the wide variety of semaphore signals that controlled operations. We then visit Crewe early in 1975 to witness night-time operations and…

On Sale: 02 October 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Sep/Oct 2020

We take a look at Lincoln Central in the 1980s, with its superb selection of semaphore signals and signal boxes plus editor, Stephen Rabone describes a night when he spent fifteen hours at Stafford…

On Sale: 31 July 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

Jul/Aug 2020

The Jul-Aug 2020 issue of Traction is another celebration of class diesel and electric locomotives. As always, this issue includes a broad array of articles to suit all interests.

On Sale: 29 May 2020

Digital Edition: £3.99

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