December 2019

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Midlands Model Engineering Show, A 3D Printed  Riding Truck Water Tank, Model Engineering Tips - GWR Plates, Minimal Fun - Building Scamp, Maintenance - Using a Borescope plus loads more.

On Sale: 21/11/2019

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What's in this Issue?

Midlands Model Engineering Show
A 3D Printed  Riding Truck Water Tank
Model Engineering Tips - GWR Plates
Minimal Fun - Building Scamp
Maintenance - Using a Borescope 
Dougal - Safety  Valve and Grate
Bench Talk - Odd Shapes in a 4-Jaw
Workshop - Tapping
Workshop - Making a Large Fly-Cutter
A Midland Spinner in 5-inch Gauge
Hot-Air Engines - Stirling Rally 2019
Club News
Diary of Events

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