September 2020

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Our four delectable layouts in N, OO and O gauges have different takes on areas of our country, each packed with ideas for your current, or future model railway project.

On Sale: 13/08/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Don't miss this issue - Here's an image selection of model railways inside to whet your appetite...Harlyn Pier (O) Trinity Dock Street Bridge (OO) Chrilvinton Road (N) Ladmanlow Sidings (OO). Still not enough inspiration in the above? Sit tight, there's plenty more...Learn how to place people on your layout for best effect to tell a story...Howard constructs a custom layout vehicle as selected by you, our social media followers... Build a motorised fairground ride kit with lights; Phil Parker demonstrates... And, Jaimie Warne, an accomplished young modeller creates this superb farm diorama...

Plus, great layout animations! Tired of your layout looking static? We present a number of remedies for guaranteed interest... Andy York reviews Hornby's 0-2-2 Rocket...and Locomotion Models Class 33... We also share highlights of the latest model railway news, review the latest railway literature and present new model railway accessories.

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