October 2023

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Enjoy 4 incredible model railways including Whiteacres in OO and Raven's Ravine in 009. Our experts will help you become a better modeller with projects including weathering a Class 66 and modelling water in 4 easy steps. Plus, in-depth reviews of the new Rapido Lion and Heljan's Class 58 to name just a few.

On Sale: 07/09/2023

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What's in this Issue?

What’s Inside BRM October…



* Whiteacres (OO)

* Wheal Elizabeth (P4)

* Alston (N)

* Raven’s Ravine (OO9)



* Model water in 4 easy steps

* How to create realistic back gardens

* Is foamboard the way forward?

* Weather a Class 66: top tips

* Model a grounded van body

* Tackle 3D printer software – first steps

* How to model a car park in N gauge



* Reviews of the new Rapido Lion, Heljan’s new Newton Chambers Car Transporters and Class 58, the new ‘Manor’, Graham Farish MXA ‘Lobster’, plus much more!

* The history of Tiger Rail’s 51T TUAs explored

* A round-up of the latest headlines from the model railway world this month


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