January 2019

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5 projects to make you a better modeller including model a barn ruin and how to respray you locos. Plus, three great model railways in OO, O and EM.

On Sale: 08/12/2018

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What's in this Issue?

Inside this month's issue

5 Projects to make you a better modeller

  • Model a barn ruin
  • Create realistic rust effects
  • Respray your locos
  • Make impressive stone walls
  • How to paint a Conflat Wagon and Garden Shed

3 Great Model Railways

  • REEVY ROAD WEST (00) Bradford MRC bought this unfinished layout as a project, though its completion proved challenging. 
  • SCOUT GREEN CROSSING (O) Paul Scott’s journey into railway modelling is a familiar one, and he has arrived at an absolutely fabulous destination… 
  • BAWDSEY (EM) Paul Marshall-Potter admired a Chris Matthewman layout so much that he bought it. Here we learn about his stewardship and the light changes he has made. 

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