December 2021

Enjoy three great layouts this issue with Seagone (O-16.5), Caradon Junction (OO) and Ffarquhar (OO).

On Sale: 04 November 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

November 2021

Layouts inside this issue are 'Davidson Parkway' (OO), 'Catsfield' (OO) and 'Melcombe Magna' (O).

On Sale: 07 October 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

October 2021

Inside this issue we showcase three excellent layouts, 'Copenhagen Fields in 2mm scale, a Duchess at Carlisle in OO gauge, and Longnor in O-16.5.

On Sale: 09 September 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

September 2021

Layouts inside this issue include: 'Heaton Lodge' (O), 'Watery Lane Sidings' (OO), and 'Rushwick' (OO).

On Sale: 12 August 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

August 2021

This issue features a tour of one of the largest model railway exhibits we've seen in a long time – Pete Waterman's West Coast Main Line layout in OO. Joining it this issue is 'Middleton Dale', also…

On Sale: 15 July 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

July 2021

In this issue of BRM, we explore a lineside wagon repair shop of the 1970s with ‘Blowers Green’ (O), a fictitious narrow-gauge project in OO9 with ‘Castle Quay’, and ‘Wenlock’ in N – a layout devised…

On Sale: 17 June 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

June 2021

Inside your copy, tour three beautifully-created layouts, 'Llanidris' (O) with its dramatic skies, 'Waymouth' (OO), a coastal-themed fictitious scene, and Pont-y-dulais (OO), inspired by industrial…

On Sale: 20 May 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

May 2021

2mm:1ft, 4mm:1ft and 7mm:ft scale layouts in one issue – the perfect balance? We'd like to think so.

On Sale: 22 April 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

April 2021

In this issue, we examine three manageable model railways – Canute Quay (OO), with its clever multi-era, multi-regional theme; Little Quarry (OO) a very accessible micro-layout, and The Mill (EM) with…

On Sale: 25 March 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

Spring 2021

Inside this issue ofr BRM - Retford (EM) – Its future now secured under new ownership, work is set to recommence on this one-of-a-kind ECML masterpiece. Oldbury (OO) – a first layout commission which…

On Sale: 25 February 2021

Digital Edition: £3.99

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