Rapido Trains SR eight-plank open wagon

21 June 2023
Made RTR for the first time, it's a surprise that this RTR model has no precedent, considering more than 9,000 of the prototype were built.

Rapido has quite steadily and speedily brought a range of useful and accurate wagons to market that have, maybe, had a bias towards the Southern and Western Regions and this now continues into the grouping era.

Here are 10 things you need to know about this new rolling stock release for 4mm:1ft scale:


Rapido Trains UK SECR eight plank wagon

The body of both wagon diagrams are the same and the differences lie in the chassis, with the two wheelbases.

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Further variations come from the type of braking, the first 3,000 with Morton brakes and subsequently Southern ‘Freighter’ brakes.


Rapido Trains UK SECR eight plank wagon

The wagon body features a wealth of moulded detail with its large, lower drop door with and smaller ‘cupboard’ doors above and the associated fasteners and chains.


The strapping and bolt heads are spot on, and the interior is planked with grooves indicating the doors. The second plank from the bottom on each side has small mouldings of the tie rings for sheeting the wagon where necessary.


Rapido Trains UK SECR eight plank wagon

Rapido has a reputation for detailed underframes. These wagons are no different with underside planking, framing, buffer springs, braking systems and the differently-spaced W-irons.


Twin-spoked and three-hole disc wheelsets complete the variations for the permutations of wagons modelled.


Rapido Trains UK SECR eight plank wagon

The brake hangers and door bang bars are etched components, and despite being very fine are commendably robust.


The wheelsets each have a bearing in the axlebox which gives exceptionally free-running; idly spinning the wheels on the desk saw the wheels keep turning for near on 30 seconds.


Rapido Trains UK SECR eight plank wagon

Decoration is as good as any manufacturers, with the BRCW maker's plate on the Dia1379 wagons worthy of mention for its finesse.


With 31 liveries covering their introduction in pre-1936 SR livery to BR unfitted grey and one black example allocated to the Motive Power Department, modellers have many liveries from which to choose.

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