New Graham Farish 158: 5 reasons we like the new model

16 January 2024
Graham Farish’s all-new Class 158 ‘Express Sprinter’ is not just a world away from the old Poole-era model but light years ahead; it’s superb. Here are five features that we love.

1. Livery details

It’s the livery application that really brings these models to life, and every element has been replicated in miniature. While the main colours are spray-painted, the myriad smaller logos, symbols and lettering are applied by multi-stage tampo printing, using BR and corporate specification fonts, logos and colours.

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2. Lighting

The directional and saloon lights can be switched on or off, with chassis switches on DC, or controlled on DCC.

3. Smooth running

The running was silent, smooth and well-geared thanks to the coreless motor and drive to all axles on the driven vehicle, with good weight for the scale.

4. DCC a doddle

DCC fitting is extremely easy with a clip-off section beneath the driving vehicle giving access to the blanking plate and socket, and the inter-vehicle 4-pin coupling system is designed to ensure that the two vehicles work together with the use of a single Next18 decoder for DCC operation.

5. Interior details

The low-level drive mechanism gives uninterrupted views of the interior, which is fitted out with tables, chairs and even metal luggage racks – made visible thanks to the saloon lighting.

Our full review of the Class 158 is in our February issue of BRM – available to buy here.

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