ModelU photographer figures

05 July 2021
There can't be many reading this who haven't taken a photo of a train. Now you can buy suitable snappers for your layout.

3D scanned from real people, each figure is available in a variety of different scales from N to 16mm. All are wearing period-correct clothes and each is posed waiting to take their photo.

Figures are supplied unpainted, and with the supports from the 3D printing process in place. These are easily broken away, any tiny nibs left from this being trimmed using a sharp knife. The resin used for the print accepts both enamel and acrylic paint without the need for a primer.

Each person is 22mm tall in 4mm scale - roughly 5'5" in real life.

Details are crisp with the folds in the clothes being really well represented, and the camera case for the Leica appears to be correctly hollow so it can fold over the lens.

Since our figures don't move, the advice is to choose poses where a real person is stationary, and you won't find a more static person than a photographer poised to click the shutter. While modellers will initially think of placing these on the end of a platform, they could equally be taking wedding photos, or even shots for the local newspaper, opening up a lot of uses.

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The 4mm scale figures shown are:

1670-076 Photographer with Box Brownie

1671-076 Photographer with Box Brownie

1672-076 Photographer with Kodak No2

1673-07 Photographer with Leica Mk2

Prices are from £4.50 to £30 depending on the scale required.