Hornby Railroad Class 47 (OO)

24 August 2023
Cries for more ‘entry-level’ locomotives see us examine tooling of old, with a new guise…

Something old, something new – it comes in the guise of BR blue...  ...large logo livery. I tried... But really, Hornby's (ex-Lima) tooling of old (read, 1987-1988 catalogue) remains a favourite with many modellers and collectors for its simplicity. That, and its price, just shy of £100 – and quite a bit less so with some retailers.

If you enjoy model railways on a budget, or have a younger enthusiast in the family that handles models like Bamm-bamm Rubble from The Flintstones, Hornby's Railroad range remains a keenly-priced rugged favourite.

This version from the tooling represents 47656 and boasts the manufacturer's ‘Enhanced Livery’ accreditation. Whatever the branding given, this is a better livery application for its colour and neatness than the Lima models of yesteryear, with crisp lines between the high-contrast and – in my eyes – ‘dead’ right BR blue, and brighter yellow cab ends.

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For the modeller prepared to 'fettle' and improve models, it's a great starting point and I can see numerous areas that would benefit from hours spent on the workbench if you wanted to take things a step further. Think buffer beams, roof fans, cab glazing, bogie frames and weathering...

A great model for the beginner, collector, or, to 'cut your modelling teeth' on. Over to you...

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