Hornby Dublo The Royal Scot train set

22 December 2022
Tapping once more into its long heritage, Hornby's latest train set is also its best yet, says Howard Smith.

Only last month, I was praising Hornby for the release of its Lord of the Isles train set in its beautiful retro-inspired box. In quick succession, I find myself with another, this time, even better!

When Hornby created a small range of its steam-outline ‘locomotive greats’ with die-cast bodies, my interest piqued. Now, we find one of these examples boxed as part of a ‘train set’.

What we like:

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Hornby Dublo Royal Scot train set

The thought that went into creating the marvellous retro packaging inspired by the maker's first release of this set in 1953 – to a very different set of standards – almost dwindles as the locomotive is removed, it being the centrepiece of the package and to the cutting-edge standards of the present day.


Hornby Dublo Royal Scot train set

A BR Coronation Class 4-6-2 46232 Duchess of Montrose is complemented by a BR ex-LMS Stanier composite, and Stanier brake third, while Hornby provides a third radius starter oval of track, a power connecting track and re-railer.

Hornby Dublo Royal Scot train set

Best of all, just like the original, the set also includes a ‘Royal Scot’ headboard, while the coaches have separate destination boards – quality metal items no less, no expense spared!


Hornby Dublo Royal Scot train set

The impressive haulage capabilities of this locomotive – as previously revealed in BRM – demand that more coaches are placed ‘in tow’ to benefit from the scale-length train spectacle that would ensue. What a sight that would be!


Hornby Dublo Royal Scot train set

Here’s a set whose detail and quality is arguably undersold by its packaging. By that, I mean that the contents inside the box are to a much higher quality than those depicted on the outside, but it’s all related to nostalgia. If you dreamt of owning the set when first released, gazing through the window of a retailer, but missed out, the manufacturer has offered a second chance.


Much has changed since 1953, but the excitement of owning such a set remains. This set is an investment, but one that’ll bring a smile and great joy – for generations to come.

What we noticed:

Despite there being no official definition, to me, a train set is best described as containing track, a locomotive and, if you’re lucky, rolling stock, but most importantly, a controller. Its newly-released ‘The Royal Scot’ contains all the above, but omits a controller. Perhaps more economical than certifying plugs for different countries? Either way, this boxed set – more akin to a ‘train pack’ in my view – hits the perfect spot for the collector and enthusiast.