Heljan Newton Chambers Car Transporters (OO)

12 September 2023
Tooled for 4mm:1ft scale and tested by us, here's what we appreciate about this new non-passenger rolling stock.

We've reviewed Heljan's Newton Chambers Car Transporters for 'OO' in our October 2023 issue of BRM – out now. There's a great selection of articles to read inside besides our comprehensive review, too!

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Heljan has researched this project well. Its initial batch of the vehicles carries an impressive specification, with two triple-packs of the vehicles sent kindly for review sporting BR lined maroon. Each is supplied in a presentation box format, a diversion from the traditional Heljan blue box, but one that suits the era of these models better than the more modern look of its blue packaging, we feel.  

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Heljan Newton Chambers car transporter

Detail bag includes hoses and cosmetic screw-link couplings. Mix of early- and later-built vans in some packs Access to underframe internals via easily-removeable screws Weathered variants available from some retailers. A packet of extra details is supplied for the purchaser to fit. Some are already fitted (according to the diagram), but fitments such as the cosmetic screw-link couplings, steam pipe (part 13) and the vacuum brake pipe (part 14) will result in their fouling the tension-locks or magnetic couplings.


Heljan Newton CHambers car transporter

The roof is held on by magnets, and lifts off easily, revealing an empty interior, with a flat base. I suppose ‘extreme’ modellers might fit cars, though they’ll be entirely invisible.


Heljan Newton CHambers car transporter

Later blue/grey models feature vacuum brake/steam heat and dual brake/dual heating options, with the Electric Train Heat (ETH) and air-brake equipment added to several car transporters towards the end of their life.

Read our comprehensive review in the October 2023 issue of BRM. Get your copy free with a World of Railways Plus subscription, or get your single issue here.