Five accessory arrivals from West Hill Wagon Works

15 May 2023
These layout accessories for 4mm:1ft scale have multiple uses – time for a closer look?

West Hill Wagon Works' scenic accessory range has developed in a few years to cover many 'missing items' from other manufacturer's model railway ranges. Seemingly, what might be deemed 'too costly' or 'time-consuming' to develop by larger manufacturers is gold dust to this agile manufacturer which has established itself in the category of niche accessories for 2mm:1ft, 2.5mm:1ft, 4mm:1ft and 7mm:1ft scales.

Using laser-cutting and 3D-printing production methods, favoured for small batch production, it has responded quickly to market gaps, creating many previously unobtainable accessories. Here, we look at five new arrivals from the manufacturer:


Westhill Wagon Works Class 08 grille accessory

Locomotives are dismantled for repairs, maintenance, and routine preventative maintenance depending on the level of the exam. On depots undertaking heavy locomotive repair, it wasn't uncommon to see large sub-assemblies and large components around sheds. This cooling group from a Class 08/09 could also be used on a Class 13, and LMS predecessors if modified a little. 

3D-printed, it'll require careful painting to bring out detail, not forgetting wasp stripes if depicting more recent times. With a handful of the veteran 0-6-0s still in use with some operators, they're of great use to modellers looking to detail a shed or depot. 

Price (pack of two): OO: £9.95

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Westhill Wagon Works Class 08 grille accessory

From their use lineside (in caged groups) supplying fuel for point heaters, to domestic, or commercial premises for heating, this set of 20 variable-sized gas bottles is already printed in a close match to their red base colour that will be required. Would also look great on a rarely-modelled gas bottle truck.

We'd recommend spraying them with a rattle can or airbrush for ease, before separating them from their base.  

Prices (pack of 20): OO: £3.79, O: £5.95


Westhill Wagon Works SR locomotive indicator panel accessory

Despite initial impressions, West Hill Wagon Works also caters for steam-era modellers, as demonstrated by these SR locomotive headlamp discs. Painting them a matt white, perhaps a light weathering to highlight raised detail, and they're ready to affix to your locomotive.

Price (pack of 10): OO: £2.95


Westhill Wagon Works building vent accessory

Need some air? Whether modelling a paint shop, a manufacturing warehouse emitting fumes, a drying facility, or, simply a large warehouse requiring a large airflow, these 3D-printed industrial vents could be a useful addition. Simply paint, cut and affix to the side of your warehouse – observe photographs on where these are typically placed – and your model building has instant raised detail. 

Prices (pack of eight): OO: £3.95, O: £5.95


Westhill Wagon Works wheel chocks accessory

Though available from some continental manufacturers, we've never such detailed wheel chocks as these for 4mm:1ft scale. Frequently used around yards under stock – even locomotives often accompanied by a 'not to be moved' sign (also available from the manufacturer), they're handy for placing on your layout with a small amount of multi-purpose adhesive to prevent those pesky wagons from rolling away. 

Westhill Wagon Works wheel chocks accessory

Perhaps a little delicate to separate from the fret, the dextrous modeller can soon revel in yet more model detail. Great for adding detail to shunters 'match wagons' or placing on the running plates of shunting locomotives, too.

Prices (pack of four): N: £1.95, OO: £2.49, O: £3.95


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