Accurascale Class 37/0 (OO)

07 July 2023
A new 'tractor' lands for OO gauge, and Andy York is keen to get 'hands-on' and up-close to inspect.

Following the release of its popular Class 34/4 models, Accurascale's Class 37/0 variants have arrived with customers and retailers. These variants feature the split-headcode style of nose with centre doors harking back to the earliest deliveries of the class but with plated headcode box covers with near flush marker lights.

Ahead of the review for the September 2023 issue of BRM, in images, here's what we noticed about the model:

Accurascale Class 37/0

Bufferbeam detail is to a high standard, while wheel faces and rears have a dished profile. Buffers are sprung, too.

Accurascale Class 37/0

In BR blue with Eastfield white stripe and ‘Westie’ logo, the livery application and quality of printed details on 37027 'Loch Eil' is very high.

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Accurascale Class 37/0

The colour of directional and interior lighting and their brightness levels are 'on point'. Bulkhead details are made evident when lit.


Accurascale Class 37/0

Decoder fitting is made as simple as possible. Due to the magnet positioning it’s evident if you try to re-fit the roof the wrong way round.

Read more in our review for the September 2023 issue of BRM.