Sonic Models for Rails of Sheffield VIX ferry van

19 May 2023
Andy York takes a first look at this new and exclusive tooling for the retailer, ahead of his review for the July 2023 issue of BRM. Here, he picks the five things he likes the most about this new model.

Sonic Models has released a batch of 10 models exclusively for Rails of Sheffield. Models have decoration and detail covering the period from introduction, with six models spanning the Bauxite period with different numbering and markings, from the early simple livery, through the door decoration with the ‘flying parcel’ ferry link logo and on to the double arrow suitable for the 1970s.

Sonic Models VIX ferry van

The colour base of the model is good, with a strong orange-red to the Railfreight livery as they appeared when newly-painted, as opposed to the slightly pink tones it changed to over time, with very good definition between colours over awkward surfaces.

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Sonic Models VIX ferry van

Below the solebar there is a lot of detail while maintaining robustness.

Sonic Models VIX ferry van

The triangular clasp mechanism for the vent hatches are separate etched parts and the hatch panels are superbly depicted.

Sonic Models VIX ferry van

The model is nicely weighted with cast weight in the chassis evident.

Sonic Models VIX ferry van

Look out for our full review of this model in the July issue of BRM, out in shops on June 15.

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