Seated figures from Northumbrian Painting Services

08 September 2022
A new range of 7mm:1ft scale figures suitable for use on platforms and inside coaches – how do they measure up?

Model figures add context to a model railway, but ones which match the quality of modern RTR can be hard to find. For platforms and inside coaches, quantity and quality at a reasonable price is often sought-after.

This new selection of figures from Northumbrian Painting Services looks appropriate. We've been supplied a few packs, each containing six miniatures. All are injection-cast in resin and are well-detailed with smooth surfaces. The manufacturer points out that certain 3D-printed figures still show the lines where the layers of material are added, but that isn't the case here.

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1950s and 1960s coach passengers (Set B).

Miscellaneous coach passengers.

What we like:

  • It's difficult to accurately measure seated figures, but the men seem to scale out at around 5ft 8in – spot on for the average height in 1960.
  • At £18 for six figures, these represent reasonable value, and none would look out of place at the front of your layout. Careful painting should be a pleasure, and produce results modellers will be proud of.
  • The poses are natural and relaxed – ideal for filling a platform bench.

What we noticed:

  • This isn't the place for fashion advice, but since the male figures aren't wearing hats, we'd say they would be more appropriate for the late-50s onwards when the universal wearing of 'headgear' started to wane. Fortunately, men's clothing doesn't change that much, and these wouldn't look out of place on more recent layout.
  • Female figures are more stylish, and the hemlines would again, suggest the late-1950s. Are they on their way 'into town', or attending a more important event than just going in to work?