Planet Industrials Kerr Stuart 'Victory' 0-6-0T

19 October 2022
Andy York examines this sprightly 'tank' locomotive, ahead of his review for the January 2023 issue of BRM.

Planet Industrials may be a new name for many but it has a history of names and accessories for industrial locomotives under its Narrow Planet genesis, and more recently of kits for industrials.

This model of a Kerr, Stuart and Company 0-6-0 Victory tank is its first ready-to-run model and it’s a fantastic opener from the owners, Stephen Fulljames and James Hilton.

Here are five things we like about the model:

Planet Industrials Kerr Stuart


Planet is producing four liveries initially – attractive lined maroon and green schemes, lined Inland Waterways and Docks lettered grey livery, an ROD livery exclusive to Rails of Sheffield, in addition to the plain black model reviewed here.

Planet Industrials Kerr Stuart

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The initial impression when removing the model from the box is of solid quality with its 240g of weight balance right on the centre line of the middle drivers – it’s certainly robust.


There are quality metal components used for the draw-hooks, although there are no three-link couplings included.

Planet Industrials Kerr Stuart


Planet Industrials has provided a selection of sandboxes, toolboxes and steps to replicate specific examples at particular times.

Planet Industrials Kerr Stuart


The first test running of the model, before any running took place, was a very pleasant surprise, with beautifully smooth and appropriately-geared running. There’s a gently purr from the model, rather than expected 'traditional noise' and it has the feel of a quality kit-built or scratch-built model.

Read our full review in the January 2022 issue of BRM, on-sale December 1.