Hornby 'The Beatles' wagons

31 March 2023
"A perfect match for the album covers, achieving an almost genuine ‘retro’ appearance", says Howard Smith on these wagons.

Having changed the music landscape and influencing artists to this day, The Beatles need no introduction – unless you’ve just emerged from the permafrost. Their global audience, turned fan-base is continually revived by new, re-visited or as-yet unreleased material from the group.

For fans wanting more, Beatles memorabilia is readily snapped-up, and Hornby’s association with Apple Corps continues this year with new rolling stock additions for OO gauge through the release of new liveries to retro tooling, inspired by the album covers from the band.

Somehow, the age of these wagons is a perfect match for the album covers, achieving an almost genuine ‘retro’ appearance, as if manufactured as period album launch merchandise!

Ideal for collectors, further additions to this wagon range are awaited soon, while those wanting more can look towards its (R3954) The Beatles 'Singles from Liverpool' Train Pack £181.49, containing a Class 73 and two GUVs, liveried in the albums, while its Corgi range has a CC42419 The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Bus £29.99, and CC05401 The Beatles Yellow Submarine £29.99.


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