Heljan updated Class 35 'Hymek'

13 January 2023
Now with stockists, a new batch of this popular model sees working lights fitted. Here's what we think...

For our November 2018 issue of BRM, it was revealed in our interview with Heljan’s Ben Jones that its Class 35 ‘Hymek’ was one of his favourite models. Fast-forward four years, and we find another batch of these ever-popular models with stockists, poised to find new buyers – for those that haven’t sold already – but this time, with upgrades to better suit the needs of present-day modellers.

Heljan Hymek 3532

The new arrivals, in six variants for OO gauge, cover a selection of BR green- and BR blue-liveried examples, with some available in weathered conditions, and the patina effects are carried out to a high standard. Our sample of (3532) D7094 was weathered to a very high standard, a variety of colours and effects having been used to portray the toll of accumulated grime on the diesel-hydraulic workhorse.

Heljan Hymek

Models now feature a PCB-mounted 21-pin digital decoder socket, while locomotives have LED lighting in another first for the tooling, providing working cab, directional and tail lights. 

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The tooling has ‘aged’ very well, it being ahead of its time for power and detail when first released. The smooth delivery of torque from the centrally-located five-pole motor on-board is assisted by all-wheel drive and pick-ups, providing ample ‘grunt’ to haul the mixed-traffic trains with which their prototype counterparts were associated.

Models are supplied with an accessory pack containing alternative headcodes, bufferbeam detail and NEM couplings. 

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