DCC Concepts Legacy track – the best yet?

17 May 2022
Joining the market of OO gauge track largely dominated by Peco and Hornby, this limited finescale range impressed Howard Smith.

DCC Concepts has launched its own 16.5mm gauge track to finescale standards. We were kindly sent enough to build a small layout, for review. The levels of detail on track have improved over the years, slowly. At initial glance, I’d argue that DCC Concepts’ Legacy bullhead track is the finest of its type we’ve seen to date.

Granted, British-outline OO gauge track with its wider sleeper spacing is never going to be perfect – we chose 4mm:1ft scale over 3.5mm:1ft, after all, the compromise of running 4mm:1ft scale models on 16.5mm gauge track remains. You can read a brief history on why OO gauge track is to the incorrect gauge for 4mm:1ft scale here.

DCC Concepts Legacy Track curve

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What we like:

  • Legacy track offers the modeller lengths of flexible track in 970mm lengths.
  • Joining the new flexible track are insulated and conductive rail joiners, both featuring bolt detail. These are certainly the best I’ve seen in the scale, and fit to the ends of rail smoothly, provided it has been cut accurately with Xuron shears – or those from DCC Concepts – from top to bottom, never side to side!
  • This track has a high nickel content, for a ‘closer to polished steel’ appearance.
  • Rails sit inside detailed three-bolt chairs with a central camber, to better match the conical profile of wheels, as per the prototype.
  • Sleepers are wider than those of Peco or Hornby proprietary track, to be closer to prototypical appearance. And, sleeper spacing is wider than that of Peco and Hornby points.

DCC Concepts track joiner

To consider:

  • Tooling for new items is an expensive business, so as of yet, we haven’t seen points emerge in the range. DCC Concepts' argument is that its track is compatible with that of Peco and Hornby.
  • There are so many different chair, sleeper, rail and bolt fixing combinations that asking one manufacturer to cater for every variation ready-made from the box is perhaps a little much. However, if it’s accuracy you desire to accompany these lengths of track, constructing your own points from kits might be required, such is the finesse of detail present, here. For that, DCC Concepts stocks all compatible components you’ll need.

All told, a very welcome addition to the range of tracks available, and we’re looking forward to putting it to the test in a layout build soon.

Visit the DCC Concepts and Rails of Sheffield websites for current pricing and availability of the full range.