Bachmann OO9 'Mainline' 0-4-0 Hunslet

10 November 2022
With access to a review sample of these new models a day after their announcement, here are our initial findings...

While we patiently wait for Bachmann’s OO9 Quarry Hunslets to arrive (which won’t be long now), the staff sprung a surprise upon us in the Winter 2022 British Railway Announcements, showing a completed model of the Penhryn Quarry ‘Mainline’ 0-4-0 Hunslet tanks. We received the review sample the next day and stock will arrive in shops within a matter of weeks.

What we like:

1 This model is quite a beautiful recreation of Charles, which is now homed at Penrhyn Castle Museum in its original guise as shown in our images, with sky blue and red lining, as carried from 1936. While there is a printed representation of the tankside nameplates and cabside maker’s plates, the model includes etched plates for fitting.

Bachmann Mainline Hunslet

2 The finish to the parts gives a great rendition of brass, along with the copper pipework to the tank-side.

Bachmann Mainline Hunslet

3 A standout feature of the decoration of the model is the brass paint effect to the dome, fittings and firebox surround – quite the best representation I have ever seen.

4 While observing differences across the launch models and studying the instructions it’s evident that provision is there with the cab style, frame length and accommodation for the pony truck to produce the preserved forms of Linda and Blanche with a tender in 2-4-0ST+T guise as run upon the Ffestiniog Railway.

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Bachmann Mainline Hunslet

What we noticed:

1 Pipework may be a little overscale, but durability was the consideration.

Bachmann Mainline Hunslet

2 For the first time in Bachmann’s growing OO9 range, we see a model with red and yellow LED firebox glow. You may need to open the hinged firebox door to see this to full effect.


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