Bachmann MXA 'Lobster'

31 March 2023
A new box body has seen these wagons continue in service. Andy York examines these models...

The MXA ‘Lobster’ wagon is the latest modern freight vehicle to join the Bachmann Branchline OO scale rolling stock fleet. 

The skeletal nature of the frames used for these wagons is evident on the Branchline model, on top of which is the modern-style fixed box with its ribbed sides and ends. As is to be expected with modern wagons, there are numerous safety warnings, labels and instructions along with the DB logo and TOPS information, all of which is reproduced crisply and authentically – a stark contrast to the vibrant red bodywork. A full complement of underframe equipment is present, as are turned metal buffers, while the Y25C bogies are fitted with metal wheelsets and NEM coupling pockets to ensure these models run well.

Bachmann MXA Lobster

Visually, the density of print of the white DB branding and all those small panel details over the similarly dense red surfaces is up to Bachmann’s usual high standards, with a solid dark brown interior. The other impression of the model taking it out from the box is solidity with 81g of weight despite the skeletal nature, which appears to be a result of a die-cast underframe. There is no evidence of the traditional wooden deck of the original bolster wagon, with clear space through to the ribbed underside of the body.

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Bachmann MXA Lobster

The model sports prominent white handwheel brakes on each bogie, but this is only appearing to be present on some wagons as some have traditional lever handles on each side – be careful with renumbering!


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